Speaking Engagements

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Mark Opperman has lectured extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia and has a wide range of topics available for presentation.

If you are interested in having Mr. Opperman speak before your organization or group, please call our office at 303-674-8169 for more information and a list of available conference topics and lecture workshops.

Lecture Topics by Mark Opperman

The 10 Must Things I Would Do in My Practice (2 hours)

Ever wonder what Mark Opperman would do in his practice to make it the most successful practice ever? What are the top ten most critical things he feels needs to occur to make your practice an amazing success? Well wonder no more, Mark will not only detail his top ten most important steps to develop a successful practice, but detail how you can incorporate them in your practice as well.

Financial Management (1-2 hours)

Your practice pulse points can help you achieve the financial goals you’ve set. Learn how to reach your own benchmarks over again, as well as those of the industry. Do you know how you stack up? Find out what numbers you should be looking at and what to do about them. Discover how doctor production comparisons can make help your doctors practice better medicine and improve your revenue streams. Knowing which monthly numbers to look at will help empower you to steer your practice down the course you wish.

Introducing a New Product or Service (1-2 hours)

Learn what steps to take to effectively introduce a new product or service to your clinic. How do you determine if you should incorporate a new product or service, learn how to obtain staff buy-in, and inform your clients. You’ll see how it can be done simply and successfully.

New Clients + Retained Clients + Increased Client Transactions = Continued Success (1 hour)

With this equation, you’ll see how to bond new clients, retain the clients you already have, and improve client transactions to ensure the continued success of your practice. Clients are a part of practice life: are you bonding yours or is your practice a revolving door? Do you know how to offer a full-service approach to the benefit of your clients, patients and bottom line? See how easy it can be.

The Ten Amazing Things: The Top Ten List of Amazingly Stupid Things Veterinarians Do (2 hours)

In David Letterman style, find out what the most common pitfalls are and how they affect your productivity, efficiency, and practice satisfaction. (2 hours)

Income Harvest: Let's Pick the Low Hanging Fruit (2 hours)

You’ve probably heard the phrase “picking the low hanging fruit.” During this seminar, we’re going to do just that. We are going to talk about some of the areas of your practice that routinely go unattended and which, with a little “farming,” can prove to be very fruitful. Many ideas and concepts will be discussed that can help your practice greatly improve upon its efficiency and productivity.

Where Are You Going? Planning Your Exit Strategy (1-2 hours)

Today it is harder than ever to sell a practice. It is imperative that a practice owner consider his or her exit strategy from the day they first purchase their practice. This seminar will discuss the various means by which one can exit their practice. A truly timely subject that applies to all practice owners.

Developing 10 Employees - How To Hire, Train, And Discharge Your Staff (2-4 hours)

A review of effective management techniques that can and should be incorporated to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and reduce staff turnover.

Inventory Control (1 hour)

A step-by-step approach to establishing effective inventory control. Presentation of a simple, but efficient, model inventory control system.

It's What's Up Front That Counts (6 hours)

The skills you and your staff need to know to be more professional, effective, productive and efficient within your practice. Learn how to enhance your practice’s “perception of value,” improve personal and professional communication skills, use proven techniques of internal and external marketing, maintain a positive work environment, dramatically increase your front office efficiency, perfect telephone skills, deal with troublesome clients, convert telephone shoppers into clients.

Vision Into Action (2-3 hours)

Put into action the skills involved in brainstorming and goal planning. Learn to outline the plan as well as incorporate measurements and follow-up assessment. Types of goal plans and elements of effective goal planning are examined. Develop workable goal plans that you can put into action.

Credit and Collection (1 hour)

A review of preventative measures that reduce your accounts receivable and allow you to become more effective in your collection efforts.

Communication - The Key To Success (1-2 hours)

Communication is an underrated art. How to effectively communicate in a verbal, non-verbal, and written manner are reviewed, as well as effective listening skills.

Marketing Veterinary Products and Services (2-3 hours)

We will discuss understanding the differences between marketing and advertising and how effective marketing techniques can be implemented to further create additional profit centers and a “full-service” approach within a veterinary practice. Effective marketing may very well be a key to future success.

Implementing Internal Controls and How to Set Client Fees (1-2 hours)

Implementation of effective management systems that will “plug the holes in your bucket,” allowing your practice to achieve greater profitability without necessarily increasing your fee schedule. How to charge your clients appropriately and effectively. Presentation of a fee-setting formula.

Enhancing Your Practice's 'Perception Of Value' (2-4 hours)

One of the most important aspects we deal with on a daily basis is our clients’ “perception of value,” or the determination made by our clients regarding the quality and value of service rendered. This most enlightening seminar reviews all aspects of a practice’s “perception of value” and further elaborates on how it can be enhanced.

Effective Motivation and Delegation Techniques (1-2 hours)

In order to maintain a quality professional and paraprofessional staff, we must thoroughly understand how to motivate individuals and become good delegators of responsibility. This seminar deals with effective management techniques that can be utilized to motivate and delegate effectively within one’s practice.

Successfully and Profitably Organizing Your Initial Practice Management (2 hours)

This is a seminar specifically designed for students and practitioners entering “the real world.” A comprehensive seminar that is crucial to future success.

How To Practice Smarter - Not Harder (2 hours)

Too many times we attempt to re-invent the wheel in our everyday practice management activities. This lecture presents “smarter ways” of managing your practice in order to enhance profitability and efficiency in your work environment.

How To Create A 'Ten' Practice (1 hour)

We’ll talk all about becoming totally fulfilled in your work environment and creating a philosophy for other staff members to help you achieve this goal. A “ten” practice is one in which both practitioner and staff provide a quality service, receive appropriate compensation, and are completely fulfilled. A practice philosophy well worth striving to obtain.

Learning How To Be An Assertive Manager (1 hour)

The root of many management problems is not in the lack of knowing what to what to do, but instead, the interpersonal skills required for knowing how to do it. Assertiveness is standing up for your rights without infringing on others. This seminar teaches some of the more practical aspects of assertiveness training and how it might be applied within the veterinary environment.

Making Time - Effective Time Management (1 hour)

We cannot make time, but we can certainly lose it or waste it. A study of effective time management teaches us to use the time available and to work on activities with the highest priority in order to get the greatest return on investment of our time. Effective time management is essential if we are to achieve a quality of not only professional life, but also personal life.

Contemporary Concepts In Veterinary Practice Management (1-2 hours)

This lecture details the latest in practice management techniques. Topics covered include, “Developing Excellence In Your Practice Management,” “Advanced Personnel Management Techniques,” “Goal Planning,” “Marketing In The Waiting Room and Exam Room,” “Communication,” and “Planning For You And Your Practice’s Future.” Truly an all-encompassing lecture dealing with innovative practice management concepts.

Parade of Practice Tips and Profit Producing Ideas (2 hours)

A fast moving lecture covering new and innovative practice management techniques learned from a variety of progressive veterinary practices. This seminar includes practice tips for both in-patient and out-patient clinics, enhancing a practice’s perception of value, profit center development, in-hospital and marketing practice tips, as well as tips on personnel management.

The Anatomy of a Successful Practice (2 hours)

This lecture equates a successful practice with the anatomy of a healthful individual, starting at the brain. The analogy is made that the brain is the nucleus of all activity and without which the rest of the body would not function. In one’s practice, the “brain” is the owner/doctor(s) without whose vision and direction the practice would falter and fail. The seminar goes on to equate other parts of one’s body to a successful practice and culminates with the realization that not only does the body have to be healthy, but also must be in balance. A truly unique and insightful lecture.