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Do You Know The #1 Way to Ensure Continued Success for Your Veterinary Practice?

The answer is to bond your clients to your veterinary practice.

Now, you may be wondering how to bond your clients to your veterinary practice.

Bring your entire team to the next It’s What’s Up Front that Counts live event because at this seminar you’ll get answers to the most important questions about the client-to-practice bond. You’ll be benefiting from what VMC consultants have been teaching, and learning, while working with over 2,000 veterinary practices – worldwide.

“All clinics can benefit from this seminar. They cover topics across all positions, and show us how we can improve with our customer service, in-house communication, and even our marketing and financials.”

– An attendee from Boston, MA

“Invigorating speakers make me remember why we love veterinary medicine!”

– An attendee from Columbus, OH.

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It’s What’s Up Front That Counts Seminars – 2020

We have temporarily suspended this in-person seminar due to COVID-19. Keep an eye out for a WEBINAR version coming soon!

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Hi, I’m Mark Opperman
Hi, I’m Sheila Grosdidier

Together, we are VMC.

Actually, together with you, we are VMC because for over thirty-five years, we’ve focused exclusively on serving you – the hardworking and multiple-hat wearing professionals of the veterinary industry.

Throughout our international travels, on-site consultations, national conferences, and teaching at schools of veterinary medicine, you can bet we’ve seen and heard it all. In other words, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the best of the best.

Good news! You don’t have to travel the world to benefit from the insights we’ve already gained from the best of the best; you need only travel to this action-packed, highly-engaging, RACE approved one-day event.

This experience is unlike anything else available in the veterinary industry today. Veterinary professionals, just like you, count on us to deliver proven systems, templates, tools, and sound advice that you can utilize immediately to empower and improve your practice.

“Mr. Opperman was fun, engaging, and very knowledgeable! Plus, he truly cares about veterinary care and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Lots of ideas to bring back to the rest of the team who weren’t able to attend.”

– An attendee from Tampa, FL.

Do you think you already know everything you need to know about creating a successful client-to-practice bond?

Quiz Yourself

  • What is your client retention rate?
  • Which sources are driving your new client acquisitions? For example, direct client referrals, internet search engines, social media, or your amazing yellow pages ad (just kidding about the yellow pages ad!).
  • Do you have an ongoing treatment plan for the “Three Minute Syndrome?”
  • Are you meeting your own goals for medical service related compliance rates?
  • Are you even tracking your compliance rates for the most important medical services?
  • What do your compliance rates really say about the efficacy of your client communications?
  • What’s your average ‘star rating’ on Yelp, Facebook and Google?
  • How many ‘not replied to’ reviews do you have on your Google My Business page?
  • How is your own online pharmacy or online store performing?
  • Do you know what your employees are posting on social media? And could a well-meaning employee inadvertently jeopardize the client-to-practice bond – or worse – expose you to legal liability?

As you can see, It’s What’s Up Front That Counts goes far beyond the areas usually associated with only your front office receptionists or CSRs. We focus on several of the most important factors across all positions applicable to strengthening the client-to-practice bond.

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“I would recommend this seminar, but not to my competition.”

– An attendee from Nashville, TN.

During this one-day seminar, we’ll share many of our learnings from highly successful veterinary practices we’ve had the honor to serve.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll cover:

Online Ratings and Reviews

Because potential clients are judging you, the staff, even the quality of your veterinarians’ surgical skills before you ever get a chance to provide any medical services at all. That’s right. Like it or not, decisions are being made via 3rd party rating and review sites long before pet parents visit your own website or call to schedule an appointment.

The Digital Experience

We’re referring to your website, social media properties, technology-based communications such as email newsletters, text message appointment confirmations, live chat or automated chatbots, and your medical services due reminder system. Do you know what your social media activity is telling the world? Where are the ‘sticking points’ as your visitors navigate your website, social media pages, or YouTube channel? Is your online pharmacy performing as expected or are your clients still shopping with those 1-800PetMeds types of e-commerce sites?

A Client's Perception of Value

What happens when a client calls your hospital for the first time, the second time, the 100th time? How do clients perceive the parking area, front entrance, and lobby (remember – they don’t enter from ‘the back’ as you likely do)? How are clients greeted upon entering the lobby? What really happens once your exam room technicians escort clients and pets into the exam rooms? Is your checkout process a quality experience for the client who is now pulling money out of their wallet to give to you? In other words, are you meeting or exceeding your clients’ perception of value?

Setting Internal Goals and Tracking Metrics that Matter

By focusing on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are important to your unique practice, setting goals, and consistently utilizing a tracking mechanism or scoreboard, we’ve seen practices realize substantial gains in revenue through incremental improvements to metrics that matter.

For example, in the key area of medical services compliance, we’ve worked with practices that have generated thousands of dollars in additional gross revenue by focusing on improvements to their current compliance rates for preanesthetic workups, dental prophylactic procedures, and routine fecal screening.

Consider dental prophy compliance, an incremental improvement of only 10% to 15% over your current compliance rate can translate into thousands of dollars in additional revenue while helping pets feel better and live longer.

And you’d be amazed at what a 25% to 35% improvement to fecal floatation compliance can do for your revenue goals. Who knew there was so much gross revenue hiding in poop soup?!

Your receptionists and CSRs are key players in client compliance. Client compliance is directly associated with strengthening the client-to-practice bond.

“Our team has attended this seminar multiple times over the years, and we always leave with new ideas and the excitement to execute them immediately. And upon return to our clinic, our staff always sees an improvement in communication, service, and overall attitude. Every clinic can benefit from this seminar!”

– An attendee from Detroit, MI

Are you ready to benefit from this seminar, get access to our proven systems, templates, and tools you can use upon returning to your practice?

What are you waiting for? Please be sure to save your seat, now, as these seminars are extremely popular and do sell out.

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