Veterinary H.R. Continuing Education – Coming Soon To a City Near You!

Because when it comes to personnel management, human resources, and labor laws, what you don’t know can hurt you.

And it can hurt in a myriad of ways from government agency related fines to employee lawsuits to the inability to attract and/or retain high-quality staff members.

“Learning to prevent potential problems before they become a reality – it is really time-consuming to try and figure this out on your own – this class is a great value.”

– Andria Saxon, CVT, Practice Manager

“H.R. and labor laws are constantly changing – this seminar enlightened me and gave me a new awareness of everything we were/are doing incorrectly and how to correct it.”

– An attendee from Seattle, WA

H.R. Boot Camp Regional Seminars – 2019-2020

We have temporarily suspended this in-person seminar due to COVID-19.

This class is your opportunity to benefit from the knowledge gained through real-world, in-the-trenches experience as your VMC instructors have consulted with veterinarians and practice managers at over 2,000 veterinary practices, worldwide.

Good news! You don’t have to travel the world to benefit from the insights they’ve already gained. You need only travel to this two-day, action-packed, regional seminar.

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Hi, I’m Mark Opperman
Hi, I’m Sheila Grosdidier

Together, we are VMC.

Actually, together with you, we are VMC because for over thirty years we’ve focused exclusively on serving you – the hardworking professionals of the veterinary industry.

We understand the importance of working with people who truly ‘get’ what makes the veterinary industry so special.

One of the common denominators we see in successful veterinary practices worldwide is teamwork.

We’ve worked with beautifully designed hospitals in perfect locations with state-of-the-art equipment and dynamite websites, yet they were continually struggling to meet their goals. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve worked with practices with less than ideal assets, yet they continue to thrive.

Things get really interesting when practices such as those two described above are in the same town – sometimes on the same street as one another.

So, what makes one veterinary practice thrive while another practice in the same neighborhood can barely survive?


People make the difference. It’s the people who matter the most.

Specifically, the right people in the right positions with every team member effectively performing their job duties.

And it all starts with your ability to attract and retain the right people – the star players.

“25% of your staff is actively searching for another job.”

– Sheila Grosdidier

Now, you may be wondering how to go about recruiting, training, managing, and retaining star players for your veterinary practice.

Join us at one of the upcoming H.R. Boot Camp seminars where you’ll get up-to-date information not only about what has changed and what’s new with regards to labor laws and government regulations, you’ll also learn what’s working now to attract and retain quality talent in a job-seekers market.

And you’ll earn 11 hours of AAVSB RACE-approved continuing education credits!

Here Are a Few Topics We’ll Cover:

Common H.R. Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Benefit from the knowledge we’ve already gained between our on-site consultations, in-the-trenches experience, and our own ongoing H.R. continuing education. H.R. mistakes are often financially costly and always time-consuming. You can avoid a multitude of common mistakes by learning from others’ mistakes.

Legal Requirements and Regulations

This area of H.R. encompasses an enormous amount of information. And to make it even more challenging – laws and regulations change frequently. Let us do the hard work of sussing out which legal requirements and regulations are applicable to companion animal veterinary practices.

Compensation and Benefits

Understand the differences between motivation, inspiration, and delegation in the context of generations/age groups. What may have motivated baby-boomer aged employees in the past is often strikingly different from what inspires a millennial aged employee – and what they both are looking for in a compensation & benefits package. If you are serious about recruiting and retaining all-star team members, it’s time to retire the one-size-fits-all approach to compensation and benefits.

Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding, Training, Developing, and Retaining Your All-Stars

Before we can get too excited about retaining our all-star team members, we must address recruiting, hiring, training, and ongoing staff development in a logical manner. We’ll talk about what’s working now to attract and retain the staff you need to help your practice thrive.

Your Hospital’s Policies and Procedures

Bring your policy and procedure manual along with you to this seminar. Don’t have one yet? No worries. We’ll help you create it.

This seminar is a ‘roll-up our sleeves and dig-in’ two-day intensive training which means you’ll be armed with a clarified, prioritized, and actionable plan you can implement immediately upon returning to your practice.

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“It gives invaluable information for all levels of management. The conference was fantastic. I learned so much and the resources will help me take this information back to the practice. This is a seminar that keeps on giving.”

– Mary Beth Soto, Practice Manager

Beyond the actionable plan, you’ll also get a personalized “Need to Know” document applicable to your state, and ‘insiders-only’ access to the veterinary-specific proprietary tools, templates, checklists, and proven systems for which VMC is well-known.

This seminar is unlike anything else available in our industry today. You simply can’t expect to attain H.R. focused education and individualized support at any of the large national conferences. We know this because we’ve had the honor of speaking at many of these conferences.

And while our presentations at the national conferences are always well-received by the attendees, we take the experience to an entirely new level at our own private events.

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Mark Opperman’s Awards
  • Veterinary Hospital Manager of the Year VHMA
  • VHMA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Speaker of the Year, NAVC
Sheila Grosdidier’s Awards
  • Speaker of the Year, NAVC
  • Speaker of the Year – IVNA
  • Speaker of the Year – Australia VNA

“I highly recommend H.R. Boot Camp. I learned a great deal of information and became aware of many changes that needed to be made immediately at our practice. Thanks for your passion and enthusiasm – it adds a great deal of value to the experience.”

– Anthony Watts, Practice Manager

Why would you gamble money, or time, taking classes which are not specific to the veterinary industry when you can rest assured the all-star team of VMC will deliver the content you need within the context of veterinary medicine?

“This is well worth the time and money. This is a comprehensive and approachable view of H.R. that will send you home with valuable information that can be easily introduced into your own practice.”

– An attendee from Chicago, IL

Are you ready to build your team of all-stars?

“Go, go, go! You will get all of the tools you will need for managing and building your teams.”

– Rhonda LaBelle, RVT, Practice Manager

Tuition Fee is $685 per person which includes the workbook and other applicable educational material, documents, or resources.

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Program Overview

H.R. Boot Camp is a two-day event held several times per year in different locations/regions to help busy hospital staff members save both time and money.

Tuition fee does not cover your travel expenses. Attendees are responsible for arranging and paying for all travel expenses including airfare and/or ground transportation, tolls, parking, lodging, dinner, room service, etc.

VMC and/or our sponsors will provide continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshment breaks within the hotel/seminar location on both days of this seminar.

VMC may have negotiated a special room rate at hotel locations, but cannot guarantee hotel room availability.

Day One:

  • The hiring process
  • Policies & Procedures | Employee Manual
  • State & Federal H.R. Laws
  • Performance planning, evaluations, and incentive programs

Day Two:

  • Common HR mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Compensation, benefits, what to expect in the future
  • Motivation and delegation
  • Disciplinary processes
  • Goal planning

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