Veterinary Financial Continuing Education – Coming Soon To a City Near You!

Optimize Your Hospital’s Financial Health with a Thoughtful & Sustainable Treatment Plan

Now, you may be wondering exactly how to go about optimizing the financial health of your veterinary practice. The answer is to attend one of VMC’s upcoming regional Financial Boot Camp Seminars.

WARNING: This is not one of those long, drawn-out, dry, boring lectures.

This is a ‘roll-up our sleeves and drill-down’ two-day intensive workshop.

You’ll leave with a clarified, prioritized, and actionable plan you can implement immediately upon returning to your practice.

Financial Boot Camp Regional Seminars – 2020

We have temporarily suspended this in-person seminar due to COVID-19. Check out our Veterinary Financial Management Webinar instead!

“Worthwhile. Go with your clinic numbers; this boot camp wakes you up and alerts you to what you can & should be reviewing on a daily, weekly, quarterly etc. basis!”

– Catherine Foret, DVM/Owner

“We went from single digit net profit to 18.6% net profit after implementing key strategies from this boot camp.”

– CVPM/Practice Manager attendee

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And you’ll earn 11 hours of AAVSB RACE-approved continuing education credits.

Here Are a Few Topics We’ll Cover:

The Different Roles and Responsibilities of Your Accounting and Finance Team

Who’s supposed to be doing what? There are important differences between each of these roles as they are likely to compile your hospital’s financial data in a different manner for different purposes. For example, the methods in which your bookkeeper compiles data to prepare your financial statements for management purposes may be very different from the way your C.P.A. or E.A. uses the data to prepare various tax returns.

Beware the Benchmarks!

We’ll help you understand the different industry benchmarking techniques.

Bottom line – benchmarks can be an invaluable tool to help diagnose poor performance in key areas, but only when the compiled data sets are:

  • Big enough. For example, the data set was derived from more than a few practices.
  • Applicable to your practice’s demographics and geographics. For example, other companion animal practices in your neck of the woods that offer the same or very similar level of service.
  • Consistent from one practice to the next. For example, the data was derived from practices which are using AAHA’s chart of accounts.
  • Clean! Someone at each practice is responsible for data hygiene within the PIMS which feeds into the metrics, KFIs, and KPIs which then feed into benchmark values.

Internal Processes and Controls from Budgeting to Inventory to Employee Embezzlement

Tightening only a few of the most important internal processes and controls can save thousands of dollars. We’ll cover common weak points or gaps, and how to identify the ‘big levers’ upon which to focus in order to truly optimize your practice’s financial health.

The Best Method to Analyze Doctor Production

Whether or not you’re considering using, or currently are using, the ProSal method, analyzing and comparing production on a doctor-per-doctor basis is both prudent and can be a real eye-opener. We’ll help you determine if ProSal is appropriate for your practice’s associates. And if so, we’ll give you the correct formula to use for computation before compensation.

How to Best Determine Your Fees

Unless your practice’s revenue is funded by governmental taxes or through charitable contributions (as in a true not-for-profit 501(c)(3) for example) you must take a proactive approach to setting your fees and managing strategic price changes. We’ll also talk about running variance reports which can shine a light into those dark gaps where revenue slips through (associates and employees giving discounts as they see fit, missed charges, etc.). Bottom line – if you are in the business of practicing veterinary medicine, the business must be financially healthy in order to survive and thrive.

And More

We’ll also cover how to:

  • Set your own meaningful financial goals and KFIs
  • Understand financial trends and key economic indicators
  • Interpret your financial statements
  • Streamline your inventory processes
  • Prepare a budget
  • Fairly compensate your team members

In addition to access to VMC’s proprietary tools, templates, and proven systems, you’ll also have access to us.

Meet your VMC Financial Boot Camp instructors.

Hi, I’m Mark Opperman
Hi, I’m Sheila Grosdidier

This seminar is unlike anything else available in our industry today. You simply can’t expect to attain this level of focused accounting and financial management educational content at any of the large national conferences. We know this because we’ve had the honor of speaking at many of these conferences.

And while our presentations at the national conferences are always well-received by the attendees, we take the experience to an entirely new level at our own private events.

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Mark Opperman’s Awards
  • Veterinary Hospital Manager of the Year VHMA
  • VHMA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Speaker of the Year, NAVC
Sheila Grosdidier’s Awards
  • Speaker of the Year, NAVC
  • Speaker of the Year – IVNA
  • Speaker of the Year – Australia VNA

This seminar is your opportunity to benefit from the knowledge gained through our in-the-trenches experience as we’ve consulted with veterinarians and practice managers at over 2,000 veterinary practices, worldwide.

Good news! You don’t have to travel the world to benefit from the insights we’ve already gained. You need only travel to this two-day, action-packed, regional seminar.

Why would you gamble money or time on classes which are not specific to the veterinary industry when you can rest assured the VMC team will deliver the content you need within the context of a veterinary practice?

“This is the first financial seminar I have found that is actually worth the time and money. It is applicable specifically to the veterinary industry and has given us tools that we will begin using tomorrow.”

– An attendee from Dallas, TX

“This seminar is packed with practical information you can go back and implement immediately. Great tools are available for you to measure how your practice is doing. I needed extra paper for notes because I learned so much!”

– An attendee from Seattle, WA

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Financial Boot Camp Regional Seminars – 2019
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL | February 13 – 14
  • San Diego, CA | March 12 – 13
  • Denver, CO | May 7-8
  • Chicago, IL | June 11-12
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We understand the challenges faced by veterinary practices in today’s competitive environment where it seems as though there’s a new veterinary clinic, another corporate merger, or a new internet pharmacy popping up every other day.

For those of you who were working in the veterinary industry during the recessions of 1990-1991, 2000-2001, and 2008-2009, we were there with you.

We worked with veterinary practices that soared through these recessions – business as usual. And we were there to help support those who were hit hard by one – or all three – of those recessions. We learned invaluable lessons through each of those recessions.

Bottom line: Accounting is the language of business.

If you don’t have a general understanding of the language of business, you’ll be lost like tourists in a foreign country who never reach their desired destinations because they can’t read the signs.

“You can forget facts, but you cannot forget understanding.”

– Eric Mazur, Harvard University

And while this isn’t an accounting class, this seminar will give you just enough content, within the context of veterinary medicine, you’ll return to your practice with an understanding about how to read your own numbers – as signs – to guide you toward your own desired destination of financial health.

We understand.

We are here to help you.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Are you ready to optimize your hospital’s financial health with a thoughtful and sustainable treatment plan? Please register now to join us at one of the upcoming Financial Boot Camp events. We’d be delighted to see you there.

VMC events are popular and do sell out because of our adherence to small class sizes in order to provide a more exclusive and customized experience for the attendees.

The tuition fee is $685 per person which includes workbooks and all other applicable educational material, documents and resources.

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Program Overview

Financial Boot Camp is a two-day event held several times per year in different locations/regions to help busy hospital staff members save both time and money.

VMC and/or our sponsors will provide continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshment breaks within the hotel/seminar location on both days of this seminar.

VMC may have negotiated a special room rate at hotel locations. However, VMC cannot guarantee hotel room availability.

Tuition fee does not cover your travel expenses. Attendees are responsible for arranging and paying for all travel related expenses including airfare and/or ground transportation, tolls, parking, lodging, dinner, room service, etc.

Day One:

  • Financial Management: What to Look for and What to do About it
  • How to Hire and Utilize and Accountant
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Benchmarking: Measure it to Manage it
  • Analyzing Doctor Production and Compensating Your Associate Doctors Using ProSal

Day Two:

  • Determining Client Fees Fairly and Accurately
  • Controlling Your Inventory & Support Staff Costs
  • Budgeting that Breaks Down Barriers
  • Internal Controls: Lost Income and how to Capture it
  • Case Study: Let’s Put Our Collective Knowledge to Work!

You can find all of the details here on our website.

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