Quarterly checklists help you keep your finger on the pulse of quarterly and yearly tasks that might otherwise fall off your radar!

It is a good practice is to keep quarterly checklists for recurring or cyclical tasks. Plan your checklists for each quarter in a way that helps you be prepared for the coming quarter. These could be incorporated as repeating tasks with reminders in Outlook, into text reminder applications, appointment scheduling software, Google calendar, a paper calendar, or whatever works best for you.

Just like reminders can help you stay on top of weekly or monthly tasks, the quarterly checklist will keep your finger on the pulse of quarterly and yearly tasks that might otherwise fall off your radar. Over the course of the next year, I’ll be presenting a checklist of recommendations for each quarter, beginning now with a 4th quarter list. This isn’t meant to be comprehensive, but it is a good starting place. Tweak it and add tasks to make it your own. And enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a plan!

4th Quarter Checklist Recommendations for DVM Owners and Managers

  • Schedule 3rd Quarter Profit and Loss Statement review meeting with your accountant.
  • Ask your accountant if there is any information that you should start gathering before year’s end, such as 1099 forms and company vehicle year-end mileage information.
  • Start planning for holiday closings (determine if the practice can afford to be closed outside of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day).
  • Identify referring clients and businesses that will receive holiday cards and gifts.
  • Create budgets for the upcoming year.
  • Attempt to implement projects that have been put on the back burner.
  • Make sure any outstanding employee performance evaluations are completed before year’s end.
  • Make sure your practice management and accounting software have been properly backed up.
  • Prepare for End of Year processing that should take place on 12/31.
  • Prepare for an End of Year physical inventory count if the practice does not participate in weekly or monthly cyclical counts.
  • Make sure all continuing education requirements for CE credits or maintaining certifications have been met for team members, DVMs, etc. 
  • Review accomplishments and achievements the practice has experienced this year and plan on sharing with the team. Identify opportunities to improve patient and client care for upcoming year.
  • Prepare for a fee schedule review if fee increases take place in January.

Stay tuned for more quarterly checklists that will be included in our monthly newsletter.

Monica Dixon Perry, CVPM
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