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In 1983 Mark Opperman, CVPM answered the call to guide veterinary practices to a higher level of management. He founded VMC Inc., a firm dedicated to excellence in veterinary practice management. In the beginning, he worked as a veterinary assistant with his mentor, Dr. Claypoole, who was the founder of the New Haven Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine. After graduating from Coe College, Mark became the administrator at this hospital. At that time, it was unheard of for a non-DVM to be running a veterinary practice. Veterinary Economics wrote an article about Mark and that is when he started lecturing and consulting with other practices. Mark is very proud to be the founder of VMC Inc. and the VHMA (Veterinary Hospital Managers Association), starting the CVPM (Certified Veterinary Practice Manager) program, developing the ProSal method of compensating veterinarians, and of the three books he has written and published. In 30 years, he’s consulted with more than 2,000 veterinary hospitals throughout North America, providing timely, practical assistance in such matters as hiring associate veterinarians, establishing partnerships, developing exit strategies, addressing employee issues, and focusing on profitability and efficiency.

He is proud to be:

  • A highly-sought consultant and speaker who has extensively assisted veterinarians and their management teams
  • Teacher of the well-known series, It’s What’s Up Front That Counts
  • Founder of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association in 1981; president until 1993
  • Trainer of more than 300 practice managers from all over the world
  • Former hospital management editor of Veterinary Economics
  • Author of Veterinary Business Management: A Guide to an Efficient and Profitable Practice
  • Author of The Art of Veterinary Practice Management – Second Edition, which has become a required management textbook in veterinary medical schools across the country.

Recipient of a number of awards, including

  • The Veterinary Hospital Manager of the Year Award from the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association in 1987
  • The VHMA Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999
  • Speaker of the Year award from the North American Veterinary Conference in 2001

Mark has lectured extensively, both nationally and internationally, at meetings such as:

  • CVC
  • NAVC
  • WVC
  • World Small Veterinary Conference
  • Denmark Annual Congress
  • London Veterinary Forum
  • Southern European Veterinary Conference

Mark enjoys lecturing and teaching students at many veterinary schools across the country. He feels that if he is going to really make a difference in the veterinary profession, education should start at the veterinary student level. Mark loves making a difference in people’s lives and helping them to “see the forest through the trees”. He is a no-nonsense individual and has a way of getting everyone to agree to the logical course of action of what needs to be discussed or decided. Mark is delighted when someone comes up to him and tells him how his work has impacted their practice or how the knowledge conveyed at one of his seminars had a significant impact on them and their business.

When Mark has spare time, he enjoys skiing and spending valuable time with his family.

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