VMC, Inc. can help you and your practice improve its customer service, financial or HR management in 2019. Here are brief descriptions of some of our continuing educational programs.


It’s What’s Up Front That Counts! – A must attend seminar for any and all veterinary practice employees, dealing with customer service, perception of value, enhancing the “client experience” and effective communication. Many have called this seminar the basic training requirement for all employees working in a veterinary practice. More information.



Financial Boot Camp – This is a two-day seminar designed for managers, practice owners and associate veterinarians that deals with all financial aspects of running a veterinary practice. Financial benchmarks, inventory control, internal controls, accounts receivable, budgeting, how to determine your fees and prevent embezzlement are just a few of the topics covered. A must seminar for anyone involved in the financial management of their practice. More information.



HR Boot Camp – A two-day seminar that focuses specifically on Human Resources. How to hire, train and discharge your employees, motivation and delegation, avoiding common but critical HR mistakes, compensation of employees, developing job description, evaluation forms, phase training programs are but a few of the topics covered. Sheila Grosdidier, SCP and Mark Opperman, CVPM will help managers and veterinary owners threw this quagmire. Attendees with be provided with a wealth of resources including a personalized “Need to Know” sheet for the State in which their practice is located. More information.



VMC School of Veterinary Practice Management – A week long training program designed by Mark Opperman, CVPM for specific management training and preparatory for an individual to take the CVPM exam. This class is intensive — covering most aspects of veterinary practice management, including personnel management, financial management, marketing, internal controls, inventory control, the role of a veterinary practice manager, law and ethics and so much more. Students are provided with a wealth of materials, including the VMC Comprehensive Management Resource Library and six months of follow with their instructor. This class is only offered twice a year and has limited enrollment to 20 students in each class. More information.


We are also able to offer customized on-site training for your management and team members.

Let VMC, Inc. help you bring home the expertise that will change your practice in 2019 and beyond! For more information, contact our event manager at 303-674-8169.

Sue Merritt,  Marketing Coordinator/Event Planner
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