Here are four great reasons why the New Year is a great time to review your Employee Handbook:

1. Many team members may not have actually read the entire employee handbook when it was bestowed upon them on their first day of employment.

You have an opportunity to help your team understand policies better when they are broken down into smaller sections. You could present selected policies that may need further explanation and review them at monthly team meetings. You could make a plan now to ensure you cover policies that might need more explanation in your monthly team meetings throughout this year.

2. Changes may have been made (or should have been made) in the past year.

When changes are made to your Employee Handbook, review those changes with your team members. Encourage their questions and listen to their concerns. Once the changes have been explained and are understood, ask them to sign off that they have received this update to the handbook.

3. If there have been big changes, it may be time to re-issue the entire handbook.

While small changes can be handled as an addendum, big changes might require you to reissue the entire handbook. While it is a lot of work, sharing expectations clearly with your team in a timely manner is essential to creating a positive workplace.‍

4. It is likely that your state has made changes to employment laws in the last twelve months. It is even more likely that the federal government has made changes to employment laws in the last year.

Any updates to the Fair Labor Standards Act or by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission should be updated in your manual. Paid Sick Leave Laws continue to expand. And Social Media Policies need to be updated as technology advances faster than our protections regarding safe usage in business environments.


Does this seem like an overwhelming task? Don’t put it off because it’s challenging, let us help! In December, VMC, Inc. released a completely revised and updated Employee Policy & Procedures Handbook as part of our VMC Comprehensive Management Resource Library. This new version covers federal and state policies you need to be aware of and helps you craft your own accurate and thorough handbook. Additionally, November saw updates to all the Job Descriptions, Phased Training Forms and Evaluations in the Resource Library. And first on VMC’s agenda for the new year are revisions to the Human Resources section in the Library. Now would be a great time to review and update your employee management tools to make this a great year for your team and your practice! More information.

Sheila Grosdidier, SCP
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