VMC School of Veterinary Practice Management


What Makes This School Unique?

VHMA-Approved CVPM Continuing Education

1 Week Intensive

6 Month Follow-Up for VMC Students


Facts about VMC School

The school is held in Denver, Colorado, and registration is limited due to the customized nature of the course and individual tailoring to each student's needs. Please check our schedule for availability. Upon completion of this course, a successful graduate should be able to effectively manage a veterinary practice. In addition to the formal, 5-day training course, the student has the added value of working and consulting with his or her instructors at no additional cost for a period of 6 months following graduation.

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Upcoming Seminar Dates

VMC School of Veterinary Practice Management – Spring Session
May 16-20, 2016

VMC School of Veterinary Practice Management – Fall Session
October 24-28, 2016