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Build your practice with the most experienced consultants.

Get the support and resources your practice needs to exceed your client's expectations and achieve excellence in the veterinary industry.

The consultation needs of your veterinary clinic can be as diverse as the variety of animals that come to your practice every day. VMC, Inc., provides an array of resources based on your business situation and personal goals. We have the experience and expertise to get you closer to realizing your veterinary dreams. Our services including the following:

  1. Comprehensive consultation services including three day on-site consultations, phone consultations, and initial practice setup.
  2. Engaging and informative seminars and lectures including opportunities to earn R.A.C.E. approved continuing education credits.
  3. Veterinary management products that enable quick implementation of trusted methods taught by VMC, Inc.

Veterinary Consultation Services

Grow your practice.

Your practice's success is our passion. Let us be part of your organization's next meeting or conference.

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Seminars & Lectures

Grow your team.

From university lectures and speaking engagements, to our four seminar series and VMC School of Veterinary Management, we offer a wide range of comprehensive topics and expertise.

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Veterinary Management Products

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