Veterinary Management Tools

Hundreds of tools developed specifically for veterinary practices to help your business run more smoothly, effectively and efficiently in areas such as client communications, human resources, protocols, and so much more.

Management Tools for Veterinary Practices - Big Blue Tools Binder

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  • Management Tools for Veterinary Practices consists of 10 sections of hundreds of tools developed specifically to help you run your practice more efficiently
  • Use the right tools for the job... and start practicing smarter, not harder.

See the list below for a description of each tool included in this exceptional offer. This tool set belongs in every practice striving for excellence and success!

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Client Communications

  • Effective client communication is essential to your practice's success and to the well-being of the patients you serve
  • An educated and informed client is more likely to comply with recommendations and to value the services their pet receives.
  • This package of forms includes:
    • Boarding Report Card
    • Kennel Camper Cards
    • Geriatric and Dental Targeted Marketing Letters
    • Dental Grading Report
    • Internet Pharmacy Client Response Letter
    • Purging Letter
    • Laboratory Test Results Worksheet
    • Care to Share Cards
    • Vaccination Letter

Hospital Forms

  • Packed with forms commonly used to enhance everyday practice management activities
  • Includes:
    • In-hospital tracking form
    • Lifetime of Wellness for dogs and cats
    • Pre-anesthetic surgical release form
    • Surgical consent form
    • Canine and feline pre-exam checklists
    • Exam room report card forms (small animal, avian, equine and exotics)
    • "Biography" forms (puppy, kitten and exotics)
    • Standardized discharge order form
    • Payment agreement form
    • Sample collection letters
    • Controlled drug log form
    • Cash drawer worksheet
    • Client questionnaire
    • TLC Boarding Form

Medical Care Plans

Does your practice write up the same health care plans over and over again? Standardized Health Care Plans save not only your valuable time and effort, they also ensure standards of care, help clients better understand their pet's diagnosis, explain treatment, and itemize the costs of the services rendered.

This section contains itemized estimates covering the areas of:

  • Anesthesia Authorization Form
  • Dermatology
  • Ears
  • X-rays and work-ups
  • Eyes
  • Genital/urinary procedures
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Orthopedics
  • Respiratory/heart
  • Dental
  • Other elective and non-elective services. Health Care Plans include a description of the condition and its treatment. All fees can be automatically updated by using the master fees feature.

Human Resources

Personnel management can be a challenge. Let us help you make it more manageable with this set of forms designed specifically for human resource purposes. This section includes:

  • Pointers and samples for writing advertisements for open position
  • Help for interviewing and checking references
  • Sample letters of job offer
  • Attendance records
  • Career development plans
  • Additional forms such as:
    • Employee warning notice
    • Corrective action form
    • Discrimination complaint form
    • Termination checklist
    • Employee exit survey

Employee Policy & Procedures Manual

An employee procedures manual is an essential management tool that outlines all policies and procedures that relate to employees. An effective manual facilitates communication on important issues and demonstrates compliance with state and federal policies. Sections within this manual template cover:

  • Employment status
  • Discrimination
  • Non-solicitation
  • Personal conduct
  • Paydays
  • Timecards
  • Overtime
  • Work schedules
  • Attendance
  • Benefits
  • Uniforms/grooming
  • Employee reviews
  • Incentive program
  • Leave of absence
  • Disciplinary protocol
  • And much more

Job Descriptions Package

By creating job descriptions for all positions within your practice, prospective employees know up front what a job entails. A good job description clearly outlines an employee's duties and responsibilities, providing a framework that supports accountability while equipping the employee for success. This section contains sample job descriptions for health care team members including:

  • Front desk
  • Kennel
  • Technical
  • Associate
  • Management
  • And other positions

These job descriptions include wording critical for legal compliance.

Phase Training Programs

Phase training programs take a comprehensive view of all the duties and responsibilities of a given job and divide them into training periods referred to as phases. These programs provide an "itinerary" for new employees, allowing them to be trained gradually so that they are not overwhelmed as they initially enter the practice. One of the factors in staff turnover is a lack of structured training. Don't "throw them to the wolves". Providing this structure in the training process allows employees to be trained to a higher level of skill and expertise. This package contains sample phase training programs for:

  • Front desk
  • Technical
  • Associate
  • Management
  • And other positions

Employee Evaluation Forms

Employee evaluations are essential in developing a well-informed and motivated team. Don't leave team members wondering if they're meeting expectations or how they can improve their value to the practice. This package contains sample evaluation forms developed specifically for veterinary practices. Included are:

  • Front desk
  • Kennel
  • Technical
  • Management
  • Associate
  • And other position evaluation forms.

Employee Incentive Program

This section helps you incorporate an effective employee incentive program that motivates employees and creates a team effort within your practice. Bonuses are based on individual performance and your practice's increase in gross income - so those who contribute more receive a greater reward for their extra effort! Includes:

  • General implementation information
  • Calculation forms
  • Three job-specific evaluation
  • A calculation program for use with Microsoft Excel makes it easy to determine the amount of each employee's bonus and provides documentation that you can present to the employee to show them how it was calculated


Consistency and structure are imperative to your hospital's daily managerial and personnel operations. A health care team that is provided with guidelines, boundaries and direction is more likely to comply with management's expectations, especially when those expectations are clearly and concisely articulated. This section of forms includes:

  • Suggested protocols
  • Templates for establishing your expectations in writing

Set your health care team up for success!

*The full set of tools includes a CD with files provided in MS Word 97-2007 and MS Excel 97-2007. The Word and Excel files are customizable for your practice.

** The Employee Scheduling Software is NOT included in the Management Tools for Veterinary Practices complete tool set. It can be purchased separately, see below.


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$475.00 (plus $15.00 shipping and handling in the continental U.S. Call for shipping rates outside of the U.S.)

You can also add the Management Tools subscription service for quarterly updates, to ensure that your practice has the most up-to-date information.


Compensating Owners and Associates

Easy to follow instructions and spreadsheets with clearly explained directions on how to calculate and fairly compensate with ProSal for your associate veterinarian or partners in a practice. See how to use a three or four tiered compensation process.

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Compensating Owners and Associates

Easy to follow instructions and formulas with clearly explained details in providing a fair compensation package…whether for veterinarian partners, corporate shareholders or associate veterinarians. The worksheets and formulas included in this package give you what you need for determining fair compensation.


Features include:

  • Three and Four Tiered Compensation Methodology
  • ProSal Compensation Methodology
  • Annual Total Compensation: complete instructions, worksheets, and examples
  • Annual Total Compensation Statement: can be used in conjunction with the Tiered and ProSal Compensation formulas in order to determine all costs associated with an individual's employment and fair compensation for partners or corporate shareholders. Enter an employee's data in the Excel workbook, included on the CD, and create a customized compensation statement that can be printed and presented to the employee.

Screenshots of Compensating Owners and Associates

Annual Total Compensation Statement - Example 1
Annual Total Compensation Statement - Example 2
Three Tier - Compensation Statement Example
Four Tier - Compensation Statement Example
ProSal - Compensation Statement Example


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Team Scheduling Software

This scheduling software integrates with Microsoft Excel 2007 and will revolutionize the way team schedules are optimized. Schedule employees efficiently, know what to budget before you start the schedule, create ratios of team members to doctors for strong coverage in peak times, set up an auto-scheduler feature…this program does it all!

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Simplify Team Scheduling with Veterinary Team Scheduling for Microsoft Excel 2007

“This program will revolutionize the way Practice Owners and Practice Managers optimize their schedules. With its intuitive, yet flexible features, this tool will actually design a schedule customized to your practice!”
- Mark Opperman, CVPM

Review Schedules Quickly and Easily

  • Automatically calculates daily/weekly hours scheduled for each employee
  • Displays hours over 8/day or 4/week in red
  • Illustrates employee hours for each day of the week with bar charts

Identify Issues and Improve Staffing

  • Alerts the user to insufficient staffing situations
  • Provides at-a-glance view of additional staff needed for each day
  • Enables development of team schedules based on both doctors' hours and your custom scheduling scenarios
  • Provides scheduling statistics such as staff-to-doctor ratios and a breakout of veterinarian's time by job type

Create Custom Scheduling Easily

  • Specify the days and hours individual employees are available to work
  • Automatically schedule employees' hours based on your requirements
  • Create up to nine customized employee position types
  • Color code information by employee types
  • Schedule employees to fill multiple positions
  • Designate veterinarian job types (i.e. office hours, surgery, large animal visits, etc.) for more efficient scheduling and to ensure appropriate support staff availability

Analyze Costs

  • Calculate veterinarian and support staff costs
  • Password-protect confidential employee pay information


  • Separate version for 24-hour and evening practices
  • Excel tutorial file and demonstration video
  • Written instructions for schedule set-up


See What it Looks Like

Team Scheduling Software

For users of Microsoft Excel 2007 or later, this upgraded version of our scheduling software provides much greater flexibility and customization. This workbook includes all of the features of the original version but also allows you to create your own employee positions, assign veterinarian job types, and create your own custom scheduling scenarios. A new feature is the ability to have the software create an employee schedule based on your scheduling requirements and doctors' schedules.

The spreadsheet contains the following tabs:

  • Setup - Enter schedule start date, Edit veterinarian assignments and employee positions, Set up scheduling guidelines for team members by defining veterinarian support staff needs, and indicate base staffing requirements.
  • DVM - Enter veterinarians' names, assignments, in and out times, and notes. Daily and weekly hours are automatically tallied and displayed.
  • Team - Enter team members' names, assignments, in and out times, and notes. Daily and weekly hours are automatically tallied and displayed.
  • Chart - Review a graphical representation of the daily schedule based on your entries in the first three tabs. You select the day you want to view
  • Alerts - Provides a list of staffing shortages for the week, based on the staffing requirements you entered in Setup tab and the veterinarian and staff availability you entered in the DVM and Team tabs. The alert indicates the position and number of staff you are short by day of the week and time of day
  • Autofill - Allows you to automatically create a schedule based on the criteria you entered on the Setup tab. You provide the names, positions, maximum hours per week and indicate if the employees are available for work on a particular day and the software will suggest a schedule for you!
  • Costs - Provides the salary and wage costs for your schedule. The costs are provided team member name as well as by job title.
  • Stats - Several useful schedule statistics are provided for your schedule, including
    • Average number of support team members per doctor
    • Veterinarians' time by activity
    • Charts, graphs and snapshots are used to demonstrate the statistics

Screenshots of Team Scheduling Software

Setup Tab
Alerts Tab
Autofill Tab
Team Tab
Costs Tab
Chart Tab
Stats Tab


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$295.00 (shipping and handling additional)


Reorder Tags

Reorder your tags for the red tag inventory control system.

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Reorder Tags for the Red Tag Inventory Control System

The red tag inventory control system is a manual system in which small red tags are affixed to the reorder point of items being controlled within this inventory.

  • When a particular product reaches the reorder point, the red flag is removed, placed in a small box and, once a week, the inventory control manager gathers those tags.
  • On the back of the tag is noted the quantity ordered, the date it is ordered, and the price paid.
  • When the new inventory arrives, the same tag is once again affixed to the reorder point of that inventory. If an item does not get receipted through the computer, if it does not have a code number associated with it and if it does not get invoiced, it should be placed into the manual type category for inventory control. Items such as syringes, gauze, and suture material would all be placed under the new type category which would be labeled "manual."

For the manual system, the practice will need to purchase red flag reorder tags. The tags should be placed at the reorder point of any inventory item controlled within this manual system. If you decide that suture material is to be reordered when you are down to twelve packages, you would take twelve packages, fill out a red flag inventory tag, rubber band it together with the suture material, and place it behind the suture material in use. Once the suture material in use has been used up, the staff will then take the package of suture material that has been bound together with the tag, remove the red flag, place it in a collection point, and continue to use suture material. Once a week, the person in charge of inventory control will gather the appropriate flags from the boxes throughout the practice. The inventory item will be ordered and the back of the flag for that item will be updated with the date that of the order, the quantity, and the price paid. When the item is received, the reorder quantity will again be bound together with the appropriate flag and be placed behind the product in use. Thus, the system is perpetual.

When the flag is once again removed and the product ordered, the date should be compared with the previous date. As tags are used, it will keep you informed about the shelf life of the product and whether or not that shelf life needs to be adjusted. The practice should strive to maintain a shelf life of one month and certainly not exceed a three month shelf life on any product purchased or brought into the practice.


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